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Pluralsight PowerShell Toolmaking Fundamentals
October 3, 2021
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October 9, 2021

Lynda Understanding Copyright: A Deeper Dive

Lynda Understanding Copyright

You’ve reviewed the basics of intellectual property. Now it’s time for a deeper dive into copyright—your mechanism for protecting intellectual property that resides in a tangible form: books, songs, software, product designs, etc. Attorney Dana Robinson explains what constitutes copyright infringement, and how to respond when someone has infringed upon your copyright or if you receive a demand letter or cease and desist from a third party. He also explains licensing, public domain, and fair use, and reviews the process for searching for and filing copyrights. The course closes with a set of valuable copyright FAQs that address many of the most common questions about copyrighting intellectual property.


Author Dana Robinson
level 1h 12m
Duration Intermediate
File siza 413 MB


Lynda Understanding Copyright: A Deeper Dive