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March 6, 2022
Udemy Learn C++ in 2 hours
Udemy Learn C++ in 2 hours: C++ Programming Tutorial For Beginners
March 7, 2022

Udemy Learn C as your first programming language

Learn C

MAC or Windows, NO Problem at all. Just practice with us in building command line applications along with course
C is one of its own type of programming language that shares some of its syntax to all most all programming language on the planet. C gives the basic idea about data types, variable, constants, loops, function and other concepts that will always be there in all programming language. Since C does not come with lots of built in functionality, we will look into how to create those functionality such as upper to lower case conversion.
What will I be able to do after taking this course?
This course is designed for both MAC and WINDOWS users and there is specific video dealing with setting up environment on both platforms. Just within few videos you will learn to setup environment to code on C. After that we will slowly move on understanding programming 101 that will clear up about advantage of writing codes. After taking this course you can move to any programming language and within few hours of looking at syntax, you will be able to code in any programming language. You will be able to design your own logics to solve the complex problems.
Will I get the access to source code file?
You asked for it and it is already done. Course already include exercise files used in this course. Exercise files are compatible to both MAC and WINDOWS users.
What if I ran into problems?
Problem are obvious part of programming and don’t be afraid of them. Problem means that you are trying. If you face any problem, post it in the question/answer section where our team is ready to solve all of your problems. Not only that, we regularly take care that of some topic is creating lot of problems, then there will be new video discussing the solution to that problem.
Let’s get started to learn C and code some great terminal apps!
What are the requirements?
Basic computer usage
MAC users will need XCODE (installation covered in course)
WINDOWS users will need DEV (installation covered in course)
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 64 lectures and 7 hours of content!
learn fundamentals of programming
learn about building terminal applications
design functionality like upper to lower case
critical analysis of patterns to write code
learn to break problem in chunks and write code for it
create your own terminal application in C
What is the target audience?
Those who have never touched programming
Beginners who are interested to learn code
Those who wants to clear basics in C programming
Those who wants to learn the critical analysis of problems



Author Igneus Technologies
level Beginner
Duration 8h
File siza 1.4 GB



Udemy Learn C as your first programming language