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October 6, 2022
Weldments in Assemblies
Pluralsight SOLIDWORKS: Weldments in Assemblies
October 6, 2022

Lynda Revit: Create Signage Plans

Lynda Revit

Many medium- and large-scale architectural projects include signage. So why not produce signage plans in the software you already use for the rest of your BIM projects—Revit? This course explores creating simple signage plans using model text, custom families, and vector artwork from Illustrator or AutoCAD. Paul F. Aubin also teaches ways to create illuminated and curved signs, and shows how to document the design in its own package or as signage sheets as part of a larger construction document set. There is no need to leave Revit to create these kinds of deliverables. Learn to add signage documentation directly to your existing Revit workflow.


Author Paul F. Aubin
level Intermediate
Duration 4h 30m
File siza 884 MB