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October 31, 2022
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Pluralsight Inventor: Advanced Filleting Techniques

Advanced Filleting Techniques

Inventor is a mechanical CAD program that packs some amazing functionality. In this course, Inventor: Advanced Filleting Techniques, you’ll learn the basics of creating fillets with Inventor. First, you’ll explore various types of models that require fillets. These models will include various brackets and fixtures, fittings and flanges. Next, you’ll discover simple one-edge type fillets as well as complex variable angle/non perpendicular edged models to explore all the fillet options. Then, you’ll get to explore all the options and modes of “edge fillets” as well as explore face and full round fillet options on all the supplied models. Finally, you’ll get a chance to manually fillet an edge with surface tools to explore how a “Smooth(G2)” is made and why that is important. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable and well versed in all options for filleting in Inventor. Software required: Inventor.


Author Matt Perez
level Advanced
Duration 0:56:47
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