Creating Illustrations Using 3D Objects
DigitalTutors Creating Illustrations Using 3D Objects in Photoshop and CINEMA 4D
July 15, 2021
Lynda Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers
Lynda Advanced Color Workflows for Photographers
July 15, 2021

Udemy Learn Photoshop Web Design And Profitable Freelancing

In this course you’ll learn everything you need to know about Photoshop and how to use it to create amazing website designs. There is no coding required anywhere.
You will also learn professional techniques and secrets that I use in my workflow in order to get the best, highest paid projects out there and complete them in great time.
Check out the free previews to see what projects I will work on from scratch and by the end of it I will earn $3615 from those website designs.
This course is for everybody who wants to learn a new life skill! I’ll take you through all the steps, from 0 to hero! There is no previous experience required and with this course you will be able to earn at least $1500
You get 3 courses in 1:
• A Hands-on Photoshop Tutorial from 0 to Hero; Valued at $79!
• A Web Design Tutorial; Valued at $299!
• A Guide on How to Make Money with Photoshop from your Designs; Valued at $1499!
Included: A Resource folder with 50+ Premium PSD files of mine of complete website projects + other materials that will help you develop your skills and get a quick start! Conservatively valued at $1999!
That’s close to $4000 worth of material!
Recorded at 1080p, you have 16+ hours of content and 165+ lectures in crystal clear video with impeccable audio.
I will teach you only what you need to know. The course has a lot of material for those who want to see the actual design process in action, but some parts are optional, so don’t let the length scare you.
During the course, I will show you how I earn $3615 from a couple of projects! These are real projects started from scratch from real marketplaces.
This Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners course doesn’t include any boring theory. I walk the walk and show you how I actually earn money. You can see my profiles underneath and also part of my earnings.
What will you learn?
A life skill. This is not a tutorial that guides you through all the tools or shows you how to adjust some photos. This will show you how you can earn a living, by working full or part time in Photoshop, by making website designs. From A to Z.


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Udemy Learn Photoshop Web Design And Profitable Freelancing