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Pluralsight Building Apps with Angular and Breeze Part 1
October 27, 2020
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November 12, 2020

Udemy Learn to Make iPhone Apps with Objective-C for iOS 7.0

Udemy Learn to Make iPhone Apps with Objective-C

Learn to create iPhone apps with Objective-C programming.

Follow along in Xcode 5 to turn your ideas into iPhone apps.
Create iPhone apps with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, in this in-depth course taught by an expert instructor.
This course features HD lectures and programming screencasts with large, clear text. Listen to crisp audio and follow Paul Solt’s instruction with demonstrations and on-screen pointer and highlighting.

If you’ve tried to learn how to program iPhone apps from other online resources, you know it can be very frustrating.

Four reasons it is hard to learn from other courses:

Courses assume prior programming knowledge (C++, C, Python, Java, etc.)
Online code and tutorials are out of date and don’t work on iOS 7.0 with Xcode 5.
Instructors don’t explain why you do something or how something is useful (i.e. How does topic X improve my iPhone app?){}
The text in video is hard to read or the instructor is too fast.
In this course, Paul Solt addresses and eliminates all learning issues:

You will learn the programming topics that computer science students learn, and in far less time.
All of the code works on the most recent iPhone 5S with iOS 7.0.
Paul Solt provides explanations and examples, in the lectures, on how existing apps use features X and why topic Y is relevant.
Every lesson is planned, rehearsed and QA tested to give you the most efficient and effective instruction. This course values your time and will not waste it.
Read what students who have taken this course are saying:

“The way Paul explains things is perfect for my tell, show, do, review learning style. This is something I never thought I’d get into and I am enjoying thoroughly!” –Dan Texter

“I really like this class. I would recommend it to anyone starting to learn iOS development, because not matter if you know or don’t know a programming language Paul explains things very clear. It’s a nice class to take. “ –Carlos King {take out the extra space between the period and the quotation mark}.


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