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September 20, 2019
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September 20, 2019

Learn why performance measurement is critical and how to develop business metric systems that align with your business goals.

All organizations are looking for that perfect metric—the one data point that will tell them everything they need to be successful. Companies can make a ton of errors in measuring themselves, but developing better metrics can be challenging. In this course, instructor Eddie Davila explains why it’s important to measure performance and highlights some of the most common errors in measuring your own company’s performance. He explains what makes a good metric, how to evaluate your current measurement system to see if it aligns with your organization’s goals, and how you can develop and test a system of measurement from scratch. Along the way, he also covers the importance of data visualization tools such as dashboards and infographics.


AuthorEddie Davila
Duration1h 37m
File siza728 MB


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