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Lynda Design Thinking: Prototyping

Lynda Design Thinking

Today prototyping can be used throughout the design process: to generate ideas, validate concepts, or explore technologies. The possibilities have evolved exponentially; new prototyping tools and approaches are introduced every year. Understanding and being able to navigate this cornucopia is the key to extracting the most value from prototyping. Randall Elliott of frog, a global design and strategy firm, teaches you how to use prototyping to make better decisions, use those design decisions for the next steps, and make sure those steps lead to great experiences! Rather than focusing on specific tools, Randall helps you understand what and when to prototype, to transform good ideas into interactive, emotional user experiences.

Topics include:
The four categories of prototyping
Choosing the right approach
Deciding what to prototype
Generating ideas rapidly
Documenting and conveying
Using simulations
Creating objects
Making a prototype


Author Randall Elliott
level ALL
Duration 58m
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Lynda Design Thinking: Prototyping