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Lynda 2D Animation: Animate Monsters & Aliens
November 1, 2022
Lynda A Mix Engineer's Glossary of Techniques
Lynda A Mix Engineer’s Glossary of Techniques
November 1, 2022

Lynda Academic Research Foundations: Quantitative

Research Foundations

Quantitative research is a crucial part of academic study and a fundamental scholarly research methodology. In this course, educator Rolin Moe explores the foundations of this methodology to help you confidently tackle your own quantitative research study. Rolin covers the characteristics of quantitative research, and explains how to approach different parts of the research process, such as creating a solid research question and developing a literature review. He goes over the elements of a study, explains how to collect and analyze data, and shows how to present your data in written and numeric form. Once you wrap up this course, you’ll be familiar with the framework of a quantitative research study and prepared to start drafting your own.


Topics include:
Reviewing the types of research design
Generalizing your research
Writing research questions
Creating research objectives
Developing a literature review
Anonymity and confidentiality in research studies
Narrowing your idea to a research topic
Developing a problem statement
Outlining your research proposal
Presenting your data in written form and numeric form
Writing your abstract and final summary


Author Rolin Moe
level Beginner
Duration 1h 41m
File siza 538 MB