Advanced Filleting Techniques
Pluralsight Inventor: Advanced Filleting Techniques
October 31, 2022
Pluralsight Improving CSS with PostCSS
Pluralsight Improving CSS with PostCSS
October 31, 2022

Pluralsight Information Systems Auditing: The Big Picture

Information Systems Auditing

Information technology is a critical component of business operations today. Nearly every part of the business relies on technology and networks in order to operate. This means that the IT audit function is important. In this course, Information Systems Auditing: The Big Picture, you’ll learn the value of audit from the perspective of either the auditor or the auditee that is subject of the audit. First, you’ll discover audit planning and audit evidence. Next, you’ll explore audit recommendations. Last, you’ll learn about audit reporting and how you can report your findings to management. By the end this course, you’ll have an overview of IS auditing and the ways to be a more effective auditor along with being readily equipped to support an ongoing audit.


Author Kevin Henry
level Beginner
Duration 1:33:20
File siza 87 MB