Learning Vector Space Models with SpaCy
InfiniteSkills Learning Vector Space Models with SpaCy
October 28, 2022
Dependency grammar
InfiniteSkills Dependency Grammar and Tagging with SpaCy
October 29, 2022

InfiniteSkills Learning Chef for Linux and macOS

Learning Chef for Linux and macOS

Chef is a popular configuration management tool used to quickly automate an entire fleet of machines. Chef allows you to define repeatable administration patterns in code tailored to your organization’s specific needs. While typically deployed in conjunction with a Chef Server, Chef expert Mischa Taylor shows the numerous applications for Chef that do not require a Chef Server.You will start using Chef to do useful infrastructure automation immediately for your organization. In this course, he shows you how to use Chef to fully automate the configuration of a fleet of Linux and/or macOS development machines and how to validate the configuration “test first” with InSpec. Designed for learners with basic command line interface skills who are new to Chef, the infrastructure automation skills acquired in this course will be completely applicable when you’re ready to take on Chef Server. Discover the practical application of Chef without the complexity of needing to configure a Chef Server Understand all the key components of Chef, including its programming language Explore InSpec, the testing and compliance language included with Chef Master skills transferrable to learning enterprise-oriented Chef Server Learn how to use Chef to install ChefMischa Taylor is a former consulting engineer at Chef, where he specialized in providing coaching and training on continuous delivery. He currently builds autonomous systems and maintains the Boxcutter open-source project he created. Mischa has worked in IT since 1992 as a DevOps architect, software engineer, developer, and more. He is the author of the O’Reilly titles “Learning Chef” (with Seth Vargo) and “Infrastructure Automation is on the Menu with Chef.”



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