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August 1, 2022
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August 1, 2022

Pluralsight Advanced Array Mesh Techniques in ZBrush

Advanced Array Mesh Techniques in ZBrush

Learn how to create a quick 3D architecture concept or tileable structure. In this course, Advanced Array Mesh Techniques in ZBrush, you’ll learn some techniques to build complex structures using array mesh. First, you’ll discover some of the basics of array mesh. Next, you’ll explore how to use array mesh control more effectively. Finally, you’ll learn how to use ZModeler to create clean meshes and also some advanced array mesh tips. When you’re finished with this ZBrush course, you’ll not only be able to quickly create great 3D concepts, but you’ll also be able to model complex structures to be imported into the render software of your preference. Software required: ZBrush 4r7.


Author Gabriele Maiocco
level Intermediate
Duration 3:51:50
File siza 1.1 GB