Houdini VFX for Games
Pluralsight Houdini VFX for Games
October 31, 2022
Advanced Filleting Techniques
Pluralsight Inventor: Advanced Filleting Techniques
October 31, 2022

Pluralsight Getting Started with Stream Processing Using Apache Flink

Apache Flink

Apache Flink is a distributed computing engine used to process large scale data. Flink is built on the concept of stream-first architecture where the stream is the source of truth. This course, Getting Started with Stream Processing Using Apache Flink, walks the users through exploratory data analysis and data munging with Flink. You’ll start off learning about simple data transformations on streams such as map(), filter(), flatMap(), reduce(), sum(), min(), and max() on simple DataStreams and KeyedStreams. You’ll then learn about window transformations in detail using tumbling, sliding, count, and session windows. You’ll wrap up the course explore operations on multiple streams such as union and joins. All of this with hands on demos using Flink’s Java API along with a real world project using Twitter’s streaming API. After you’ve watched this course you’ll have a strong foundation for stream processing concepts using Apache Flink.


Author Janani Ravi
level Beginner
Duration 2:44:27
File siza 285 MB