Pluralsight AngularJS Security Fundamentals
Pluralsight AngularJS Security Fundamentals
December 20, 2021
Udacity Developing Android Apps
Udacity Developing Android Apps
December 21, 2021

Pluralsight AngularJS Services In-depth

AngularJS Services In-depth

This course will demonstrate all of the techniques required to create your own AngularJS services and take maximum advantage of the built-in services.
Services are a major piece of every AngularJS application and will likely make up the majority of the code you write in your own apps. Creating your own services requires understanding the different types of services and how and why to use each of them. The framework also provides lots of built-in services that can help you manage network requests, asynchronous execution, routing, and much more. Taking full advantage of that functionality requires a deep understanding of what is possible and how to use it to fit your particular situation. This course will teach you all of these things so you can build great applications with Google’s popular framework.



Author Brice Wilson
level Intermediate
Duration 3h 3m
File siza 549 MB