Udemy Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for MAC Users
Udemy Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for MAC Users
March 16, 2018
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Udemy Learn to master Swift fast and easy with real world examples
March 16, 2018
Udemy Microsoft Excel Step by Step Training for Beginners

Course Description
Immediately increase your productivity by learning the ins and outs of this revolutionary program
No prior knowledge required to get started – just the program, a computer, internet and YOU!
NEW! Now comes with LIFE MANAGEMENT TOOLS! – Pre-designed templates you can use immediately to help you manage your life!
Course Details
It is designed for the beginner but if you’re looking to freshen up on your skills, come on in!
All future lectures, videos, documents and upgrades included FREE
About The Instructor (In under 6 months)
Academically and Professionally trained Aerospace Engineer
My courses have helped +11,000 students
Over 180 Reviews
Average of 5 reviews per day
Over 10 Live courses…..AND COUNTING
15 Years of Microsoft Excel Experience
What Udemy has said about the Instructor
‘We looked at some data + feedback from your courses and found you ranked in the top group of instructors on Udemy! Students love taking courses from instructors they trust!’
What students have already said about this course
Louise Escuela I hope you continue designing courses. They do more good than you may know. Considering this was your first course, I can’t wait in anticipation for your next course. When you retire, I hope you consider entering the teaching profession. You have a rare gift!
Vern Reo This course is extremely well done for those who haven’t a clue when it comes to Excel. The instructor covers a lot of ground in a well-structured and simple teaching style. I’m only 40% through this course and can already perform most tasks I’ll ever need for my job. I highly recommend this course.
Diana T Engaging, positive course. I am going through the course now, and the more I advance, the more confident I feel when using Excel daily at work, Jed really has the right attitude towards this course and his students, and does a great job at boosting people’s confidence! Thank you, Jed!
Jose Lopez Garcia Awesome course for Beginners. I was a complete beginner before taking this course – no more! After several days looking for a good course on Excel, I decided to purchase Jed’s. Jed gives specific and very clear explanations throughout the course. And he always supported me with all of my questions! The overall production quality is just excellent. Thanks Jed for such a professional course!
Brenda Florence Jarolímková Short, but simple and effective! I really enjoyed this one because it starts with things I was able to catch up quickly with and yet felt that this is going to be useful in the future. Very nice course.
Still Not Sure About Me?
Check out MY PROFILE for a complete listing of my FREE COURSES and have a test run! Let me prove to you that I’m the man for the job!
Enrol Now and Experience the Benefits
I’ll show you step-by-step, I’ll explain and highlight every single button I press, I’ll draw around important area’s and icons with on-screen drawing tools, I’ll zoom into small and hard to see area’s so you don’t miss a single thing!
With over 15 years of experience using Microsoft Excel, I’ll let you look over my shoulder as I teach you the fundamentals.
I’ll show you exactly how to master this technique in a fraction of the time it takes the average person to learn on their own from books, YouTube videos, blogs and forums!
By mastering this technique you’ll become the most productive and most efficient person at your job and at home!
New doors and opportunities will begin opening up for you personally and professional with each new technique you acquire!
Click the “TAKE THIS COURSE” button, top right, NOW!!…every hour you delay you’re missing out on huge opportunities!!
What are the requirements?
Microsoft Excel 2007 or later
Access to a computer
Access to the internet
Pdf file reader (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, etc. This should come standard with your computer)
No prior Excel knowledge required
Access to computer and internet
Paper and pen to take notes
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 111 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!
Basic controls – Opening Excel, Navigation, Scrolling Zooming
A Quick Glimpse of the Power of Excel – Full Table Design, fill handle, Autosums, Basic Formula’s, Formatting, Wordart, Status Bar
The Quick Access Toolbar – Productivity Tool, Keyboard Shortcuts
Cell and Sheet Control – Cell Inputting, Table Navigation, Formatting Cells, Copying and Pasting, Fonts, Row and Column Manipulation, Sheets, Screen Tiling
“If” function – Logic Functions, “If” Formula, “And” Formula, “Or” Formula
Charts and Graphs – Line Graphs, Scatter Plots, Column Charts, Pie Graphs, Trend Lines
Images and shapes – Inserting Images, Print Screen, Grouping, Cropping, Brightness, Contrast, Colouring, Resizing, Rotation, Frames
Cleaning and Preparing a Table for Presentation – Spellchecker, Search and Replace, Text Cleaning, Pasting Types, Sort and Filter, Freeze Panes, Custom Borders, Cell Merging
How to Print like an Artist – Page Views, Setting Print Area, Paper Size, Orientation, Print Margins, Scaling, Headers and Footers, PDF Print, Printing
Life Management Tools – Custom designed spreadsheets to assist in planning holidays, Finances and Dinner!
What is the target audience?
This course has been designed for the absolute beginner. Never touched Microsoft Excel before? Then you’ve found the right place.
If you’re intermediate or expert and want to freshen up on the fundamentals, no problem, come on in!!
People from any country
People of all ages
If you’re only going to take a small part of the course, then this is not for you. To experience the full effect, you must take the full course



Author Jed Guinto
level All
Duration 9hour
File siza 1.8 GB



Udemy Microsoft Excel Step by Step Training for Beginners