Udemy Learn Excel from the inside
Udemy Learn Excel from the inside
May 25, 2018
Udemy Learn Java Operators And Arithmetic Operations From Scratch
Udemy Learn Java Operators And Arithmetic Operations From Scratch
June 7, 2018
Udemy Learn HTML5 And CSS3 in 3 Hours: A Responsive Webpage Tutorial

Learn how to build custom responsive landing pages in under 3 hours from scratch! No experience necessary!
We understand first-hand how frustrating it can be trying to learn how to use new technologies in a short amount of time. And because mastering a new skill isn’t usually easy, we decided to do something about that by breaking this course down into easily consumable bite-sized chunks that make the concepts not only super clear, but also really memorable – pretty quickly.
Instead of just showing you how to “paint by numbers”, like most courses do, we’ll be showing you why the code works like it does so you’ll be able to actually take that knowledge and apply it anywhere.
That means you’ll be able to do awesome things like being able to bootstrap your business, market on a shoestring budget, or just learn a highly marketable skill to boost your resume or CV – all in about about 3 hours!
Over the course of these easy to follow, bite-sized video lectures you’ll gain a strong foundation in responsive web design, wireframing, HTML5 and CSS3 – even if you’ve never tackled any of these topics before.
We’ll walk you through it, step-by-step, as you create your own 100% custom landing page, that’s search engine friendly and whose content and layout is completely under your control. And because we take the time and care to explain to you not just “the how” but also “the why” behind the code, you’ll finish with a really deep understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned with us to any project you take on in the future.
What are the requirements?
A computer with internet access (you’re using one now)
A desire to finally learn about HTML5 and CSS3 and how to read and write your own code, for any reason
A pen and paper for taking notes. Taking notes is scientifically proven to help you better retain information
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 27 lectures and 3 hours of content!
A 100% customizable responsive landing page, that you will build from scratch, using HTML5 & CSS3 (that’s also SEO friendly)
Be able to make quick design and content changes to your existing websites, landing pages and WordPress sites, all by yourself!
Turn your ideas for a website into a clear and useable wireframe
Add a highly marketable skill to your resume in about 3 hours
Read, write and understand HTML5 and CSS3 code – even if you’ve never coded before!
Take advantage of free technical resources online that will finally make sense now that you have a solid base in HTML & CSS
What is the target audience?
Entrepreneurs who are looking to get a landing page up for their business or idea now, without having to hire a designer or developer to do it for you.
Business owners and marketing people who want to be able to make quick design or content changes to their websites, landing pages or WordPress sites without having to ask, wait or pay for a developer to do it for them!
Marketers or project managers needing to improve their skills to help them at work.
People who have never coded before and would like to gain the skills and knowledge they need to add a highly marketable skill to their resumes, really quickly.
This tutorial is probably not for you if you hate computers and don’t want to learn a new skill that can help you get ahead at work or start your next venture.



AuthorJames York , Petr Kout
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Udemy Learn HTML5 And CSS3 in 3 Hours