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April 30, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Every project can benefit from testing and Python’s testing library is solid, strong, and easy to learn and use. In this course, we’ll learn about doctests, Python’s unittest library, and the super-handy third-party package Come along and learn to assert yourself!
First Steps With Testing
Testing is often a daunting subject. Let’s break down some of the common words and then learn about the two basic types of testing in Python, doctests and unit tests.
Covering Your Bases
Writing tests is great but you still need to know when you’ve tested enough and when you’re missing something important. gives us very useful feedback to judge how effective our testing is.
Be Assertive
Now that we know how to start a TestCase, let’s look at some of the assertions that Python provides us with.


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TreeHouse Python Testing




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