TreeHouse MailChimp API
TreeHouse MailChimp API
April 25, 2018
TreeHouse Django Basics
TreeHouse Django Basics
April 26, 2018

Google Play Services are a suite of APIs that give developers access to Google’s extensive cloud services and access the user’s Google account for personalization on Android devices. Google Play Services comes pre-installed on user’s devices and auto-updates every 6 weeks providing the latest APIs on all devices accessing the Play Store. You’ll learn the code necessary to access APIs like Google+ to bring personalization to your user experience. You’ll learn common errors and how to handle devices that can’t access Play Services. When you’re done you’ll be able to add other services like Maps, Cast, or Ads to elevate your app above the competition.
Adding Play Services to your App
The app you’re about to build allows you to share items you find on Etsy with your friends on Google+. It makes use of two APIs provided by Google and Etsy. To gain access to their API you need to register your app by visiting their site and following the directions.


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