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February 14, 2019
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If you are transitioning from still photography to video, you already have a substantial set of skills. But it helps to see techniques unique to filmmaking, like camera movement, continuous lighting, and recording sound, in action.
Join Emmy-winning filmmaker Eduardo Angel on set at a beautiful winery in Oregon, where he captures stills, video, and sound for a promotional clip. Witness all the steps, from concept to delivery, from the perspective of a two-man crew, traveling light and working with a limited budget—a situation most shooters encounter nowadays.
Eduardo covers topics such as location scouting, working with available light, and getting great interviews. He also shows his favorite gear and even shares tips on packing!
Make sure to watch Video for Photographers 01: Filmmaking Essentials to brush up on the key technical concepts.
Establishing the best time of day to shoot
Selecting and packing equipment
Getting the right coverage
Working with natural and artificial light
Recording soundscapes
Backing up your footage
Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Lightroom
Delivering the final video to your clients



Author Eduardo Angel
Duration 1h 28m
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Lynda Video for Photographers 02: Filmmaking on Location