Lynda Responsive Images
Lynda Responsive Images
April 20, 2018
Lynda Up and Running with iTunes 12
Lynda Up and Running with iTunes 12
April 21, 2018

Up and Running with Public Data Sets shows how to find free, public sources of data on a variety of business, education, and health issues and download the data for your own analysis. Author Curt Frye introduces resources from the US government (from census to trademark data), international agencies such as the World Bank and United Nations, search engines, web services, and even language resources like the Ngram Viewer for Google Books. He’ll also show how to import the data into an Excel spreadsheet for visualization and analysis.
Topics include:
Working with US census data
Using data from the Securities and Exchange Commission
Accessing data from other US agencies
Finding international sources of data
Gathering data from web-based search engines and data portals
Visualizing and analyzing public data sets in Excel


AuthorCurt Frye
Duration2h 6m
File siza355 MB


Lynda Up and Running with Public Data Sets