Lynda Personal Finance Fundamentals
Lynda Personal Finance Fundamentals
April 6, 2018
Skillfeed Learn 3D Modelling and Animation in Blender
Skillfeed Learn 3D Modelling and Animation in Blender
April 7, 2018

Surfacing with SOLIDWORKS
Get up to speed with the surfacing tools within SOLIDWORKS. Gabriel Corbett will teach you the key tools to be proficient with the surfacing package. First, learn how to create basic extruded, revolved, ruled, and offset surfaces. Then dive deeper into modifying surfaces with the Extend Surface, Cut Surface, and Knit Surface tools. Along the way, Gabriel introduces real-world examples that show how surfacing can improve your designs and allow you to create shapes that would otherwise be impossible to build. The course wraps up with some tips for fixing common problems with fillets and solids and manipulating faces.
Topics include:
Defining planes for surface creation
Creating splines and 3D curves
Making revolved surfaces
Building boundary and lofted surfaces
Offsetting a surface
Trimming and untrimming surfaces
Adding fillets
Fixing corners
Deleting, moving, and replacing faces


AuthorGabriel Corbett
Duration1h 24m
File siza283 MB



Lynda Surfacing with SOLIDWORKS