Lynda Up and Running with Arduino
Lynda Up and Running with Arduino
April 17, 2018
Lynda Premiere Pro CC Essential Training
Lynda Premiere Pro CC Essential Training
April 18, 2018

Editors and motion graphics artists create visually stunning graphics; however, without a compelling sound design, their hard work can fall flat. Luckily, Adobe Audition CC offers a variety of tools to import, sculpt, and finesse your sound design while working with the motion graphics video in the timeline.
This course is based on a 30-second graphics project, which is used to demonstrate concepts ranging from sound selection and spotting to sound creation and manipulation. Along the way, author Scott Hirsch provides an in-depth look at Audition’s Multitrack and Waveform Editors, as well as the process of round-tripping a project to Premiere Pro. Plus, he’ll show how to create your own riveting sound effects from scratch and start building a library you can use for future projects.
Topics include:
Evaluating and spotting to picture
Finding and selecting sounds
Adding sounds to the timeline
Working in the Waveform Editor
Using real-time clip and track effects
Layering sound
Sculpting sound
Building a library of custom effects
Mixing and exporting the mix


Author  Scott Hirsch
level Intermediate
Duration 2h 50m
File siza 758 MB


Lynda Sound Design for Motion Graphics