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September 29, 2019
Lynda Scala Essential Training
September 29, 2019

Get up and running with Sibelius 8, the popular notation software from Avid. Learn how to navigate the interface, create your own scores with the program, and more.

Sibelius is a popular software program from Avid that’s intended for writing, playing, printing, and publishing music notation. It’s designed for every kind of musician, from students and teachers to professional composers. In this course, learn how to get up and running with Sibelius 8. Instructor Jenny Amaya walks through the fundamentals of working with this software, providing a detailed overview of the interface and an introduction to creating your own scores with the program. She covers inputting score objects and entering notes of various pitches and rhythms, and shares information and tips about editing and printing your score. Throughout the course, Jenny helps you grasp how Sibelius thinks, so you’re prepared to leverage some of the more advanced features on your own.


AuthorJenny Amaya
Duration5h 38m
File siza1.41 GB


Lynda Sibelius 8 Essential Training: 101