Pluralsight Data Visualizations Using Tableau Public
Pluralsight Data Visualizations Using Tableau Public
April 2, 2020
Lynda CSS for Developers
Lynda CSS for Developers
April 7, 2020

Lynda PHP for Web Designers with David Powers

Lynda PHP for Web Designers

There are many great reasons to learn PHP. You can reduce manual updates to webpages, get user input, and connect to a database of products or other information. But some web designers are intimidated by the theory and jargon. PHP for Web Designers is different. Author David Powers provides a gentle introduction to PHP, through a series of simple exercises that help you develop fully functional dynamic webpages—all powered by PHP. Learn how to reduce website maintenance by moving common page elements to external server-side include files, change content automatically depending on the date or time, display alternate text, gather user input from a form, and link to a database to display product information. The final chapter is dedicated to understanding error messages and fixing their root causes.

Note: This course was recorded with Adobe Dreamweaver, but you can use the code editor of your choice to follow along.
Topics include:
How to use PHP in a webpage
Storing and displaying text and numbers in variables
Using functions
Adding comments to your PHP scripts
Moving common page elements to include files
Displaying different content on a page
Working with multiple values in arrays and loops
Getting form input sent by the POST method
Using PHP sessions to preserve data
Storing data in session variables
Connecting to and querying a database
Handling errors


Author David Powers
level Beginner
Duration 5h 26m
File siza 688 MB


Lynda PHP for Web Designers with David Powers