Lynda PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics
Lynda PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics
March 17, 2018
Udemy From HTML to App Store in 60 Minutes
Udemy From HTML to App Store in 60 Minutes
March 17, 2018

Need to calculate the date of the third Thursday of each month or the Friday after next? PHP—and David Powers—have you covered. David shows how to use the intricate and sometimes underused capabilities of PHP’s date and time functions, including the basic date/time formatting functions in PHP 4 and the more advanced functions introduced in PHP 5. For example, you can learn how to find and set time zones, perform date calculations that incorporate different time zones and daylight savings, and calculate the time of sunrises and sunsets. Start watching and learn how to incorporate these powerful functions into your programming arsenal.
Topics include:
How PHP handles dates and time
Setting the default time zone
Displaying current date and time
Getting a timestamp from text
Using the DateTime class
Getting and modifying a timestamp from DateTime
Comparing DateTime objects
Working with time zones
Using DateInterval and DatePeriod
Finding ISO week dates
Calculating sunrise and sunset


Author David Powers
level ALL
Duration 3 hour 57m
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Lynda PHP Date and Time Essential Training