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September 2, 2019
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September 7, 2019

Lynda Learning MongoDB

Get started with MongoDB. Learn about the differences between relational and document databases, as well as how to work with the Mongo shell, build an application in Node.js, and more.

MongoDB—an open-source, document database—makes it easy to bring up an application stack and start coding. In this course, get started with MongoDB, and learn about the differences between relational and document databases. Kirsten Hunter covers working with the Mongo shell, setting up basic indexing functionality, and building an application in Node.js. Plus, she discusses advanced topics such as indexing, sharding, and replication. To help you grasp the concepts covered in this course, she provides practical exercises in the shell and in Node.js.


Author Kirsten Hunter
level Intermediate
Duration 1h 35m
File siza 238 MB


Lynda Learning MongoDB