Lynda Learning Adobe Spark
September 2, 2019
Lynda Learning GameMaker: Studio and GML
September 2, 2019

Discover how to create a game, modify and reuse game logic to extend your game, and optimize it for deployment. In this course, learn how to build two HTML5 games—both of which run on desktop and mobile browsers—using CSS3 and JavaScript ES6. As Makzan Hin shows how to build a counting game and a game in which players must run on floating platforms and maneuver through gaps and obstacles, he covers important concepts such as how to handle mouse clicking and tapping events, and make your game run smoothly on mobile displays. Plus, he explains how to create a gravity environment, adjust the difficulty of your game, and display scores.



AuthorMakzan Hin
Duration2h 51m
File siza399 MB


Lynda Learning HTML5 Game Development