Lynda Learning HTML5 Game Development
September 2, 2019
Lynda Learning FileMaker Go 16
September 2, 2019

Create your next game—or your very first—with GameMaker’s intuitive drag-and-drop development environment. Learn how to build full-featured games with GameMaker: Studio, and use GML scripts for deeper control and more flexibility.

Balancing ease of use with the advanced features developers need, GameMaker: Studio is a great choice for your next project—or your very first. This course provides an introduction for new game developers looking to use GameMaker: Studio for personal game projects. Learn how to create custom sprite-based artwork, import existing images, design an engaging game level, add collisions, and incorporate sound effects. Plus, learn about the benefits of using GML scripting over GameMaker’s built-in drag-and-drop actions. Author Randy Lutcavich also helps you build UI elements like score text and game over screens, test and debug your game, and export the final project as an .exe file that can be shared and run on any Windows PC.


AuthorRandy Lutcavich
Duration1h 20m
File siza177 MB


Lynda Learning GameMaker: Studio and GML