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Lynda Google Voice Essential Training
April 6, 2018
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Lynda Personal Finance Fundamentals
April 6, 2018

Interactive Data Visualization with Processing
Start communicating ideas and diagramming data in a more interactive way. In this course, author Barton Poulson shows how to read, map, and illustrate data with Processing, an open-source drawing and development environment. On top of a solid introduction to Processing itself, this course investigates methods for obtaining and preparing data, designing for data visualization, and building an interactive experience out of a design. When your visualization is complete, explore the options for sharing your work, whether uploading it to specialized websites, embedding the visualizations in your own web pages, or even creating a desktop or Android app for your work.
Topics include:
Exploring the need for creative data visualization
Drawing basic lines and shapes
Introducing variables, strings, and arrays
Modifying drawing attributes such as color
Making drawings more dynamic with animation loops and spirals
Creating keyboard- and mouse-based interactions
Adding images, video, and sound
Reading in text or XML data
Creating plots and charts
Publishing and sharing your work



Author Barton Poulson
level Beginner
Duration 7h 43m
File siza 523 MB


Lynda Interactive Data Visualization with Processing