Lynda InDesign Tables in Depth

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January 3, 2019
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Lynda InDesign Tables in Depth

What if you could create graphics-based tables or tables that don’t even look like tables? Tables are powerful design tools, but they’re not always used to their full potential. In this course, Diane Burns shows how to create and format tables in new ways. Learn how to create special alternating fills and interesting stroke patterns; use graphic cells to integrate images into your tables; change the shape of a table with anchored shapes; and highlight columns to draw the eye to important data. Plus, find out how to use tables in unique ways such as creating infographics and complex page layouts.
Navigating and selecting tables
Formatting text in tables
Working with fills
Inserting and deleting rows and columns
Rotating text
Dealing with overset text
Applying cell and table styles
Updating table data
Working with graphic cells
Creating infographics with tables
Creating pull quotes and design objects using tables
Exporting tables to EPUB



Author Diane Burns
level Intermediate
Duration 3h 49m
File siza 668  MB



Lynda InDesign Tables in Depth


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