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Lynda Creating a Business Plan
January 3, 2019
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January 3, 2019

Learn to draw cartoon characters for classical cel animation, digital animation, comic books, or just for fun. In this course, Dermot O’ Connor reviews the basics of character drawing and the principals that underlie effective characters: silhouette, exaggeration, squash and stretch, asymmetry, texture, line weight, and more. Then he focuses on drawing individual body parts—eyes, mouths, hands, and hair—as well as different types of animals, creatures, and objects. Finally, watch Dermot take a drawing from start to finish, creating a memorable character ready for handoff to animators.
Follow along with your favorite illustration program, your Wacom tablet, or paper and pen.
Topics include:
Drawing gesture and attitude drawings
Creating thumbnail drawings
Understanding line of action, negative space, exaggeration, and more
Drawing eyes and mouths
Drawing feet and hands
Drawing animals
Going from rough sketch to full-color drawing



Author Dermot O’ Connor
level Beginner
Duration 5h 22m
File siza 800 MB



Lynda Foundations of Drawing Cartoon Characters for Animation