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In this project-based Success Skills for Introverts video tutorial series, you’ll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.
Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get:
Concise, informative and broadcast-quality Success Skills for Introverts training videos delivered to your desktop
The ability to learn at your own pace with our intuitive, easy-to-use interface
A quick grasp of even the most complex Success Skills for Introverts subjects because they’re broken into simple, easy to follow tutorial videos
Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of Success Skills for Introverts tutorial, online or offline… so you’ll know the exact steps for your own projects.
Many organizations that place emphasis on teamwork tend to value people who promote themselves and think on their feet. Meanwhile, quiet types like programmers and other techies, who sit alone and become absorbed in their work, are often overlooked or misunderstood. But introverts can be highly effective influencers when they forego an extrovert?s in-your-face techniques and use their natural strengths to make a difference.
In this video workshop based on her book Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference (Berrett-Koehler), Jennifer Kahnweiler identifies specific workplace challenges for introverts?including “people exhaustion”?and helps you investigate strengths and weaknesses in the context of a real-life work scenario. The bulk of this video shows how introverts can succeed at work by cultivating six key strengths:
Taking Quiet Time to unleash creativity and sustain energy
Preparation to prove the value of your proposal and involve others
Engaged Listening to gain increased understanding of situations
Focused Conversations to solve problems and work through conflict
Writing to advocate a position, and motivate others
Thoughtful Use of Social Media to grow relationships and move people to action
Several exercises will help you connect with these concepts. Introversion didn?t derail Tim Cook or Warren Buffett. It doesn?t have to impede your livelihood, either. This video was produced in partnership with Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, Ph.D., is a global speaker, bestselling author and thought leader who helps introverts lead with quiet confidence. Her bestselling books, The Introverted Leader, Quiet Influence, and The Genius of Opposites, have been translated into 14 languages.
Jennifer has worked with hundreds of organizations including GE, Hewlett-Packard, NASA, Boeing and the CDC She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), granted to only 8% of the National Speaker?s Association and she invites you to visit her website at www.jenniferkahnweiler.



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