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Udemy How To Make Money as a Web Designer and Developer

Udemy How To Make Money as a Web Designer

If you are a web designer, graphic designer or web developer, this is the course for you.

This course is for any web designers or developers who wants to market their skills and outsource their talents. In this course we will different marketplaces like Themeforest, we will get an overview of the marketplace then we will go through the process of uploading a theme. Also we will visit freelancing website and get some freelancing tips and tricks.

If you want to make money online from your skills as a web designer and developer this course might help you achieve your goal with spending or investing a single dollar for your business.

Having skills isn’t enough, you must learn to outsource them and market your true potential. If you take this course then at the end of the course you will be able to sell your services and products and earn money online like your fellow designers and developers are earning with same technical and potential skills.

In this course you will learn:

5 different marketplaces where you can sell your themes and templates.
Different freelance websites where you can work for your customers in real time.
Different platforms where you will be able to sell your services.
All the links to the pages which we will visit in this course will be provided to you in the form of a documentation. Also there will be a document including tips for working on freelance websites. There will be another document including some important resources for web designers and developers.

This course consists of three main sections. In the first we will visit marketplaces and understand working there. In the second we will visit freelance websites. Then in the third section we will visit some other platforms where wed designers and developers can showcase their skills. Creating an account and working their is free of charge.

Watching this course and learning about the new world where making money is very easy could benefit you a lot. You can watch this course in one day and set up an account.


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How To Make Money as a Web Designer