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December 13, 2021
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Lynda Sales Skills Fundamentals
December 13, 2021

Lynda Font Management Essential Training

Font Management

When you’re working with type, you need a plan for sourcing, organizing, validating, and managing fonts. In this course, Mike Rankin explains the different types of fonts and font licenses available on Mac and Windows and where you can acquire new fonts. He’ll show designers how to use built-in OS tools as well as third-party software to manage font libraries. He’ll provide tips on organizing fonts, and troubleshooting common font problems.

Topics include:

What is a font?
Understanding TrueType, PostScript, and OpenType fonts
Using web fonts
Understanding what fonts come with your computer
Purchasing fonts
Activating and deactivating fonts
Installing fonts
Using Mac Font Book or Suitcase Fusion
Choosing font management software
Identifying fonts
Creating fonts in InDesign


Author Mike Rankin
level Intermediate
Duration 4h 7m
File siza 552 MB