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February 23, 2019
DigitalTutors Creating Branding Designs for Video Games in Illustrator
February 23, 2019

In this ZBrush tutorial, we’ll look at creating detailed game assets without a concept and within a very short time frame. We’ll also look at rapidly building an asset almost entirely within ZBrush.
We’ll start designing our weapon by blocking out our silhouette. Then we’ll break it up into a more production-ready model and create a quick, iterative pipeline for testing out our model in game immediately. We’ll finalize our asset by adding some detail to it.
By the end of this ZBrush training, you’ll have a solid, flexible and iterative workflow that’ll help you crank out great art in a fraction of the time.



Author Dan Cox
Duration 2h 17m
File siza 795 MB



DigitalTutors Rapidly Creating Stylized Game Assets in ZBrush